President’s Message

President’s Message


Dear PSCT Membership,

As we transition into a new year for the PSCT, I am pleased to accept the position of President. I was actively involved in the coatings industry in the 1980’s, and after years of working in chemical related fields, I am happy to have returned to the coatings industry upon joining EPS as the Eastern Regional Sales Person four years ago.

I would like to thank Brian Morris for his leadership as 2015-2016 President as he worked with the Board and Committee Chairs to enhance the educational programs and networking opportunities for the membership.  He also brought in Fern Dickey and Gina Nagy-Burns of Back Burner Projects to augment our marketing program and streamline our administrative tasks.

Beginning a new year is a great opportunity to reflect on the purpose of the PSCT which is “to promote educational activities and the interchange of ideas among its members”.  The Board and Committee Chairs are already actively planning this year’s events including a Fall Technical Symposium in October.  We are also looking forward to the third Eastern Coatings Show, May 15-17 2017, to be held at Harrah’s in Atlantic City.  The ECS is expected to, once again, set a record attendance.  We hope you will support these events through your attendance or by volunteering to be a speaker and sharing your knowledge with your fellow industry members.

The PSCT will continue to support local science fairs and scholarship opportunities in the Delaware Valley area to foster interest in science and engineering among local children who may someday decide to join the coatings industry.

One challenge we face is finding a new venue for our meetings. We recently learned The Williamson is closing on December 18, 2016.   The PSCT has been holding meetings at The Williamson for over 20 years and we thank them for their hospitality and wish them well.

I, along with the entire PSCT Board, look forward to meeting you at an upcoming event. Please do not hesitate to share ideas for meeting topics, events or activities with any of the Board members.


Mary Lawson,

PSCT President

EPS Eastern Regional Sales

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